Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life has become priceless in Manipur

You may be aware of the recent assassination of the Prof. Islamuddin, the former Dean of Manipur University on 25th May 2009 by unidentified gunmen. Perhaps Manipur may be the only place in the world where you will find a security gurad for a Doctor, Prof etc, since ther are made soft target by the gunmen in the state.

By the time the incidents took place, I was there inside the campus, I was shocked! not only by the news but also by the commandos!! 

Later various questions arises- do we deserve to end our life so easily, sometime as an unclaimed bodies! Or do the paper currency of India printed at Nashik is more valuable than life of ours, Manipuris? This is to all the right thinking people of Manipur.

Khuda Hafiz…Prof. Islamuddin!


Tharax said...

thianpa, i ziak tha viau a mahse, kan ti "mahse" ve khanglang teh ang, "priceless" i hman dan khi fuh vak lo mai thei. priceless chu thil tha, hlu lutuk sawina niin ka hria. hei hi mi tam takin an hmang sual fo.

Awzzman said...

@tharax: ni dawn tah maw? a..sap tawng hi ka la thiam tawk lo deuh a ni a....!! alt word ka rawn zawng nghal e..lolzx