Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Search of best Friend

From the day i saw the movie"Bridge to Terabithia"(its all about meeting the first best friend and holding to that frienship with all the might). a thought came to my mind and asked myself,Who is my best Friend?Do i need to have a best Friend?Being apart of this comparative and Superlative World,I have to have a good Friend and a better Friend,If i have a best friend it assumes that I too have a bad friend,as nothing exists in this World without Antithesis.

Hence,in my search for best friend,i have alot of observation.In my exploration for best friend,i found many pairs(couples)Who believe in Mingling Friendship with Love for better relation.Though they called themselves Friend their Hearts were stuck together and inseperable.They fell emotions deeper than Friendship,they shared their feelings,discussed their secrets and comfort each other.They fulfilled the characteristics of Friendship and satisfied each others with Human desires,still it is a Friendship according to them!

They didn`t want to use the word LOVE for their affairs though their Hearts and soul were attached and they pleased their Human desires.So,What would be the word for a relationship between two opposite sex other than Friendship and Love?Is it infatuation?Oh!I found a new term FILO,a combination of friendship and love!

Hence,in my search of best friend,i found none other than FILO in the present World.


hmelthatea said...

Good post! Ive lot of friends and best friends are few. Friend are like wine,the older the better

Awzzman said...

ya dats true...!Best fren tam lutuk chuan buaithlak lom..heheh.kei chu 1 chiah ka nei..!akekek

sawmpuia said...

Best frens neih theih em?

Awzzman said...

neih theih ciang e..:-)

Frankenstyn said...

That's a gud post Awzz..but many people in this Earth valued the word LOVE so much that they don't wanna be called LOVERS.
Love is much2 greater than friendship, that's why among the opposite sex who attracts each other, when they still are not trusting their partners, the word FRIENDS is so very much popular.